My Latest Obsession…..Zero Dollar Days

I’m the type of girl who likes a challenge every now and then.  These challenges can come in any type; today I’m writing about the zero dollar day challenge – have you heard of this??

What is a zero dollar day? This is where you go an entire day (24hrs) without spending a single penny.  That’s the challenge – goodbye Starbucks run.  I’ve been attempting to get a total of 5 zero dollar days (not consecutive), which I’ve come to realize is actually much, much difficult than I thought…here’s why.

I’m a full-time working mom that means I pay for childcare.  This is paid on a monthly basis, but in my mind, I break it down on how much that is on a daily basis – so those days are out.  The kiddo only attends day care 3 days out of the week (Mon, Tues, & Thurs), which leaves me with a total of 4 possible days of actually accomplishing a legit zero dollar day.  Out of those 4 days, two are the weekend, which is when we’re suppose to go out and enjoy ourselves, and I do the grocery shopping for the week.  The other two days, are a Wednesdays and Fridays. Now on Wednesdays, my cousin watches MJ, but I pay her based on the days she takes him. Fridays, my husband works from home, so no childcare needed, well sometimes (on really busy days, we do call my cousin for help).  Then there’s the commute to work; I take the train so that right there is $2.50 each way.  Anyway, I believe I’ve gotten my point across on how this challenge is not as easy as one might think, but yet, here I am trying and trying.

I’ve been able to accomplish 2 out of the desired 5 days. Here’s how- I was at home sick on a Wednesday, which is a day I pay for child care -as needed, so since I was at home; he stayed with me – no childcare $$, and we were home all day, so we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home; no commute to work – my first zero dollar day ever!!

My second zero dollar day, was on a Friday (yes, these are memorable so I remember them). On Fridays, my husband stays home with the kiddo (no childcare $$), and the weather was decent, so I walked to and from work (it’s about 1.5 miles each way), no commute $$ spent.  I typically have some sort of outing at lunch or go for a walk to one of the many, many stores located near where I work (temptation!!). On this particular Friday, I made my coffee at home, brought my lunch, did not step foot inside a single store, and that’s how my second zero dollar day was accomplished!!

I’ve never been able to be that girl on budget; I struggle with figuring out all my expenses and generating a breakdown on how much I should be spending.  This little challenge has been the only way that I’ve been able to start thinking a bit more of my expense breakdown and attempting to spend less money.  Guess what….it’s working!! My bank account hasn’t been happier.  Anyone else attempted this challenge???


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